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A town at the extreme southwestern tip of Newfoundland. Home to Marine Atlantic ferry terminal which is the primary entry point onto the island of Newfoundland. But don't leave Port Aux Basques to soon, this scenic town has lots of history and things to do. Check out the tourism chalet for all the local events. Take a walk along the Scott's Cove boardwalk and you will be amazed at the stretch of sandy beaches, let the ocean air relax you. Or visit the Bruce II arena for a swim, a game of bowling, skating, or a game of curling.

Port aux Basques is the oldest of the collection of towns that make up the present-day town, which consists of Port aux Basques, Channel, Grand Bay, and Mouse Island. With a population of just over 4100, the town seems to grow each year. The main employing industries are Marine Atlantic, the hospital, the College of the North Atlantic. People here have a sense of pride in their town, they are friendly and very welcoming.

photo credit: Wayne Stacey

Average Prices

  • Port Aux Basques and area 2018 average list price for homes sold $142,176 and average sale price $122,484
  • Port Aux Basques and area 2017 average list price for homes sold $120,836 and average sale price $108,269


  • Population 2016 - 4,067
  • Population 2011 - 4,170
  • Population 2006 - 4,316
  • Population 2001 - 4,637

Port aux Basques Real Estate (40 listings)

Route 407 Main Road
DB ID: 38225 DDF ID: 26550846 MLS ID: 1268124
01 Old TCH Road
Campbells Brook
DB ID: 38106 DDF ID: 26534336 MLS ID: 1267125
9A George's Road
Port Aux Basques
2400 sqft
4 Beds
3 Baths
DB ID: 38103 DDF ID: 26534280 MLS ID: 1267970
47 Main Street
782 sqft
3 Beds
1 Bath
DB ID: 38097 DDF ID: 26531102 MLS ID: 1267988
23-25 Water Street
Isle Aux Morts
970 sqft
2 Beds
2 Baths
DB ID: 38002 DDF ID: 26518367 MLS ID: 1267893
Route 407 Main Road
St. Andrews, Codroy Valley
2204 sqft
5 Beds
2 Baths
DB ID: 37908 DDF ID: 25664008 MLS ID: 1258955
152 Main Road
1496 sqft
4 Beds
2 Baths
DB ID: 37892 DDF ID: 26503610 MLS ID: 1267786
85-87 Main Street
Port Aux Basques
1120 sqft
DB ID: 37574 DDF ID: 26467562 MLS ID: 1267488
15 Main Road
1800 sqft
2 Beds
2 Baths
DB ID: 37517 DDF ID: 26460732 MLS ID: 1267422
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