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Stanley Spreading Kindness

January 15th, 2018
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Stanley Jeddore

We could all learn something from this little boy with a very very big heart.

I was so touched to learn about Stanley and everything that he has accomplished at such a young age. His Mom Phylicia, shared some things with me about Stanley.

Stanley is a six year old boy who, three years ago, was diagnosed with Autism (PDD-NOS). As a result, of his autism, Stanley struggled with his confidence and connecting with people. He wasn’t able to talk until he was four years old. As a toddler, and also because he couldn’t speak, he would greet people with a smile and would often give a gift to anyone who visited his home.

As he got older, he started doing kind things for people in his family. He would buy toys for his big brother and little brother, or he would draw them pictures to tell them how much he loved them. When Stanley turned five, he wanted to bake cookies and deliver them around town to certain houses that he would choose. Then he decided he wanted to deliver boxes of chocolates and homemade Christmas cards to random houses. He loves to use his own money to buy other people coffee and donuts. In the past he has brought edible fruit baskets to Pat and Agnes Kenny who are two people that he adores. He also delivered the same basket to the library where he receives therapy as a thank you for being a quiet and safe place for him. He made a big box of treats for the firefighters as a thank you for all of the hard work they do to keep everyone safe just to name a few.

Within the last year, he has:

Made cookies and sent a fruit tray to the seniors home, and also joined them for bowling;

Donated money to international students playing violin in St. John’s;

Donated a big box of food to the food bank;

Made plush Stanley bears and sold them for $5 to raise money for the sunshine kitty rescue;

Made organic bath salts and delivered them around town with his brother Avery;

Delivered gift cards, flower cards and treats around Deer Lake; and

He held a fund raiser for the firefighters with horseback rides and hot dogs where he also told jokes and he raised $325.


Stanley won our selfie contest we held a few months ago, winning $500 and this is what he did with his winnings:

Donated $200 worth of toys to Autmn and Freya’s Christmas tree;

Made Christmas bags for a fundraiser at Deer Lake Regional Search and Rescue;

He is working on a basket of necessities for mothers and children in the hospital; and

He is still buying coffee and donuts whenever he visits Tim Hortons.

We could all certainly learn from this little boy. He has figured out a very important life lesson and that is, what we do for other people has long lasting and life changing consequences. What we do only for ourselves is only for ourselves and he is only six!!!!!

Stanley you inspire me and I want to do whatever we can to help you in your mission and the first step is bringing awareness to you and your heart. Please share this blog and Stanley’s page with your friends and family. His page on Facebook is called Stanley’s spreading Kindness. Search him, like his page and keep an eye on what he is doing in our community.

In the above photo you will see Stanley and our twins sitting with Santa. We love you Stanley!!! The world needs more like you.

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