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The Importance of Support Staff

June 27th, 2017
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The importance of our support people

When you walk in the doors of any high paced office like a real estate office, we often think of the people that we see advertised. The high profile real estate agents and the broker. While these people are extremely important and bring immense value to the operation, they are not the only piece to the puzzle.

I like to call our support staff my right hand but indeed they are much more than that. They are the people that execute on the ideas and plans that we have in our heads. They bring life to an idea and they give legs to our thoughts.

I am the first to admit that I am not an organized person. That may seem a little strange given that I have four children (two below the age of one) and I am responsible for a company that has 23 agents, five office locations and seven support people. Yes I am the first to admit that if I had to single handedly run my family and company I would be in trouble really fast.

I only offer this analogy because I think these people are often the most unappreciated, undervalued asset in our companies.

The administrators and marketers in our business are the people that open and close the doors at the beginning and end of the day. They are the smile that people see when they walk through the doors of our offices. They are the voice dealing with the sometimes impatient clients that call our offices when they are unable to locate the owner or sales agent. They are the people that screen our calls for us. They are the people that help solve our problems for us when we bring them our issues. They often do the things that we don't want to do or they do the things that we can't get to. They keep us organized. They remind us of things we would otherwise forget. They organize our events. They listen to our problems and cheer us up when we need it. They bring stability to an industry that is often full of indecisiveness, highly dynamic and full of financial highs and lows. They are the heartbeat of what we do and we often overlook them. They are often in the shadows not to be seen or often times heard. These are indeed the highly valued people in our companies.

So I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge them and let them know that we love and appreciate them and these things do not go unnoticed. They are such an important part of the growth and strong foundation that a company needs to be successful. Don't overlook the secretary, the person who cleans up, the supportive spouse, the lady who provides childcare, the summer student doing the overflow work, the person in charge of the social media, the person planning the events or looking after the website.

Without them we would be struggling. We would be bogged down with things like paperwork and organization, some things that we simply do not enjoy and we would not be able to be selling or finding ideas to create more business.

It takes a team of people to make something successful even if you only see one face. So from my heart thank you administrators, social media support, supportive spouses, babysitters and everyone else that paints the successful Re/Max Realty Professionals picture.

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