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Cindy's Trip to Thailand

April 18th, 2016
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If you are looking for fantastic place to visit… Thailand is it! I just recently returned from visiting my daughter there and it quickly became the trip of a life time! So much to see and do, so culturally different! So many modes of transportation (you have to take a Tuk Tuk), so many different foods (you better like rice)! And it is hot… very, very hot!

In Bangkok we visited the Grand Palace with its intricate detail on the beautiful temples. We also visited the Wat Pho Temple of Reclining Buddha, which was much larger than I expected. 15 Meters high and completely covered in gold leaf. Shopping malls everywhere, five and six stories high!

In Chiang Mai we visited the night market, wood carving shops, zoo, and aquarium (with Sharks)! The elephant sanctuary was a high light where we were able to feed a baby elephant 3 months old. I don’t quite know how I ended up on an elephant’s back! My intention was just to touch his fuzzy trunk! But as frightened as we were, it was an incredible experience that we will not soon forget. One of my favorite experiences was being able to touch a Tiger! Yes, I actually paid someone to get in a cage with a “small” Tiger and get my picture taken. What we don’t do for that perfect vacation shot!!

The very best part of my trip was meeting all the wonderful people in Thailand. They are warm, caring, friendly people who make you feel welcome no matter which part of Thailand that you visit. I hope my daughter stays in Thailand so I will have an excuse to go back… but I don’t need an excuse, I would love to go back to Thailand! It truly is the land of smiles!!

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